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    Throughout the work on the site, Hudi cooperated with our requests and changes.
    He responded quickly to any request, and did so very pleasantly.
    It was just a pleasure to work with him.

    [Translated from Hebrew]


    Thank you very much Hudi for the professional work, for the quick response to every question and request. I would be happy to recommend you!


    Hudi, you are professional and work with fairness and integrity

    [Translated from Hebrew]


    Dear Hudi
    Now that you have completed the construction of my website about the book I wrote: Jeremiah – the story of the prophet of destruction and redemption. I feel an obligation and privilege to express my appreciation and satisfaction with the finished product.

    First, for the professionalism and talent you invested.
    Second, for the seriousness, matter-of-factness, and patience you displayed.
    And especially for being so available.
    I would love to receive your services in the future as well.
    With respect and appreciation,

    [Translated from Hebrew]

    Yossef Amrani

    Hudi is the perfect professional for work that includes complex and ongoing tasks in building and upgrading websites. I arrived at Hudi with a website of over 300 pages that we had to transfer to a new server. Hudi did it with complete success.

    Throughout the entire project, Hudi worked in an attentive, orderly manner and we progressed from task to task exactly as I had planned, calm and pleasant.
    Hudi is an unusual combination of a charming, professionally excellent person who provides service in the most accessible and available way that one could hope for.

    I was always updated on the progress of the tasks and when necessary we stopped to think together.

    I am very satisfied with the way of working and the results.
    I wish we continue with more projects. Thank you for the wonderful cooperation.

    A warm recommendation from me for a first class professional Hudi. role model.
    [Translated from Hebrew]

    שרונה דוכנה

    Hudi provides us with an exceptional level of service.
    Always caring, attentive, professional, and thinks outside the box.
    warm recommendation!!!
    [Translated from Hebrew]

    Mira Sofer

    We came to Hudi without any understanding of the field and the subject of programming was foreign to us, we are happy that we encountered a professional, decent person, who provided solutions for both the cell phone and the computerized website and patiently walked with us hand in hand all the way, the final product is to our satisfaction and more. Even after the end of the project Hudi is available for questions, matter-of-fact and fast and no less important – at fair pricing!

    [Translated from Hebrew]

    Shimon Turgeman

    I came to Hudi through a friend’s recommendation after my site was built in an inconvenient and dysfunctional way,
    Hudi ticked off everything with professionalism and understanding of my desires, I really enjoyed working with him, a great and reliable professional.
    Highly recommend working with him.
    [Translated from Hebrew]

    Roei Sabag

    I came to Hudi through an employee of mine, his professionalism and his service amazed us…
    I have no doubt that we will continue to work together for a long time to come…
    Anyone who wants to get an opinion would be happy to talk to him personally…
    Good luck and thank you for the service and professionalism.

    [Translated from Hebrew]

    Yaniv Vaknin

    Hudi is also a supportive shoulder, both highly professional and one of the most patient suppliers I had the chance to work with as a marketing manager in the company.
    He always found suitable solutions, worked overtime and solved every problem that arose.
    A person I will take with me wherever I want.

    [Translated from Hebrew]

    Shany Avidar

    I submit this opinion with great appreciation. Hudi helped willingly and with a quick response during the construction stages of the website.
    According to my best Indian judgment, Hudi is a knowledgeable professional in the act of assembling the site.

    [Translated from Hebrew]

    Issachar Gilad

    Fast, professional, courteous and helpful. My regular service provider for my clients

    [Translated from Hebrew]

    Dikla Hanan
    Public REALations

    I’m stingy, that’s how I’m built, stingy, especially with compliments I don’t join networking groups where one picks on the second and picks on the third. Not long ago I was invited to be a guest in such a group, the word “champion” appeared 20 times in an hour.. Thanks but no thanks. Up until now I’ve managed without a website like this by word of mouth, but I’m a little tired of answering questions like what are your qualifications? Can you stand up and give an expert opinion to a court? So… Hudi received a request from me to build a website.. a week ago, a friend connected us, I told him Hudi.. “Week, I’m a projector and if the process gets stuck it’s because of me, because I was delayed in bringing certificates, because I hesitated about the design, because of me..” and that’s how we pushed the website, day and night, I admit…I delayed,  it’s me… but this morning Hudi sent me a message, the website is live… another small finish… another comma remove. Everything is standing. So I applaud.

    [Translated from Hebrew]

    עופר מזרחי

    Hudi, a pleasant and professional guy, built the website for us, was available all the way, explained everything, and managed to transform our design into a website. met the schedule. I highly recommend Hudi.

    [Translated from Hebrew]

    דביר פרץ

    From the first moment we spoke I felt that he was first of all a human.
    And it turns out I was right.
    Hudi is honest and straight like a ruler.
    Keeps his word and schedule and even beyond that.
    On a professional level, he works in a very orderly manner, understands and everything works perfectly.
    It was an excellent experience of work, service and an amazing product to work with.
    Highly recommend!

    [Translated from Hebrew]


    When I talked to recommenders before contacting Hudi, I asked to hear someone who would balance the flow of compliments and I failed. Now, I understand why; Endless patience, professionalism, ambition to produce the best and most suitable product, ideas and advice, availability and speed of response. These and more, all in pleasant communication are Hudi.

    [Translated from Hebrew]


    Dr. K company is happy to warmly recommend WebCart and Hudi who stands at its head.

    Hudi skillfully built the company website for us and accompanied us with great professionalism even after the website went live.

    Hudi is very helpful, always available with grace and humor for any question and our every request is dealt with very quickly and efficiently. We wish to ourselves that we will have many more service providers like WebCart and the one at the head of it.

    We are happy to highly recommend.

    [Translated from Hebrew]


    Professional, knowledgeable in all Torah and most importantly – reliable, committed to the process and dedicated to each client as if it was his personal project. We have never encountered such a service experience, and high level products. Our next joint project is on the way!

    [Translated from Hebrew]


    Letter of commendation:
    I found it appropriate to write and thank for a very good service from Webcart.
    Fortunately, I was surrounded by a special person who gave me a warm and homely feeling. A very patient and attentive person to my needs.
    Hudi – want to thank you and the system behind you for everything. You definitely managed to touch my needs and not so simple requests.
    many thanks
    Keep it up

    [Translated from Hebrew]


    In one word, a professional.

    When outside there is so much unprofessionalism, Hudi is surprisingly positive.
    Patience, listening, professionalism are an asset and Hudi has proven to be all of them and much more.

    Our website received a new facelift – we and our customers are satisfied.


    [Translated from Hebrew]

    עופר ה

    Hudi from Webcart came to my aid in performing integrations and handling the speed of the WordPress site.
    Everything was handled quickly, professionally and to my complete satisfaction.
    many thanks:)

    [Translated from Hebrew]

    רעיה דובינסקי

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